Surgeons Only


The group is dedicated to providing you with the best assistants available for your case.  To this end, we schedule the most appropriate assistant to help with your case.  Obviously, certain people have more experience in particular procedures, so those are the ones which are assigned.  If you have a preference, please do not hesitate to have your scheduler inform us of your request when you schedule.


Continuing education, seminars, and hands- on training with reps allow us to keep abreast of the newest technology that is available.


Laparoscopic procedures are one of our specialties.  In a recent 3 month period, the group as a whole averaged over 80% laparoscopic cases (of those which could be performed laparoscopically).  Laparoscopic gynecological cases, laparoscopic general surgery, and laparoscopic pediatric cases top our case load, with thoracoscopic  cases and shoulder arthroscopy closely following in 2nd place.


We also have a great deal of experience in urological cases, including inflatable penile prosthesis, artificial urinary sphincters, correction of Peyrone’s deformity and vasovasostomy procedures.


Five of our assistants are fully DaVinci trained and have assisted on a combined total of well over 2500 procedures.  Our group is the preferred Robotic assistants for many surgeons in the metro area. (Many thanks to Intuitive for that specialized training)